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Innovative Fabrication Solutions

Automation designed to significantly increase production, reduce labor, and maximize material yield, while providing a safer work environment.




Easy 2 Use and Ready 2 Use

We develop systems designed to reduce complexity, allowing fabricators to benefit from digital technology on day one, without the need for extensive technical training. Our engineers create intuitive software tools reduce the number of steps for the operator allowing them to concentrate on fabrication best practices, rather than learning lengthy software commands.

In-House Training​

Our dedicated training area and wet lab allows users to take concepts learned in the classroom to real world application by processing real jobs during as part of their training.

Phone Support

Our technicians are trained on all aspects of the equipment to better assist user questions. They are also process experts, helping new users learn best practices for processing various materials.

Remote Support

Remote access to the system allows our technicians to quickly diagnose issues and resolve them to get customers back in production with minimal downtime.

WaterJet Service

BACA Systems has options to assist customers in keeping their machines running optimally. Services include on-site support, high-pressure exchange services, and remote troubleshooting.

Onsite Support

Our factory trained technicians are available for travel to customer sites to assist with repairs, system maintenance, service for waterjet pumps, and additional training.

Robo SawJet 2.0

Robo SawJet is the first Robotic SawJet introduced for the stone industry, featuring:

  • KUKA foundry grade robot
  • Six (6) axis waterjet plumbing kit standard
  • Low profile 90" x 144" cutting table - available in single or dual table configurations
  • H2O Jet 50HP waterjet pump with integrated diamond cutting head
  • 26 HP Saw motor with 16" blade
  • Smallest footprint of any dual table sawjet available

Robo SawJet Benefits

Robo SawJet = 20% Material 50% Spare Parts 70% Labor Savings

About BACA Systems

33 Years implementing robotic automation

KUKA's Exclusive Partner in North America for the Stone Industry

Leader in Waterjet Technology