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BACA Systems is focused on developing Innovative Fabrication Solutions for the countertop industry, and is the leader in Robotic SawJet technology. 

Innovative Fabrication Solutions

Our team of dedicated professionals are experts in Robotic Automation, System Integration, WaterJet technology, and Countertop Fabrication. BACA Systems is a front runner, providing flexible manufacturing systems that are the most productive, reliable, and lowest cost to operate in the industry.

Providing Legendary Customer Experience

It is our mission to provide legendary customer experience. Our team understands that your fabricating equipment drives your entire business, and when you have questions or need parts or service, getting help quickly is critical. We carry a stock of spare parts for our equipment, and can assist you by providing “best practices” advice to keep your equipment running at peak performance and at the lowest operating cost. Our team is empowered to put customers first, building loyal relationships based on trust and mutual respect. We take complete responsibility for all aspects of the system solution. Whether your needs are additional training, phone support, spare parts or onsite support, we continuously strive to exceed your expectations. 


BACA Systems, About Us

The Leader in Robotic Sawjets

BACA Systems is the proven leader in Robotic SawJets. Our expert team has been implementing robotic automation for over 30 years and has extensive experience in stone processing.

The Largest Installed Base of Robots

With over 400 Robotic SawJets installed in North America, BACA has the largest installed base of robots working in the stone industry.

BACA Systems, About Us
BACA Systems, About Us

Integrated Robotic Software

With over 10 years of field use, our software is the most solidly integrated Robotic Stone Processing Software on the market. The BACA Robo Commander software allows for the most advanced troubleshooting capability in the industry, allowing issues identified and resolved quickly over a network connection without the need for a technician to visit the plant.

Easy to Use Software

Easy and Ready to use Software. No CAD/CAM training required

BACA Systems, About Us
BACA Systems, About Us

Global Leader in Stone Robotics

With over 600 robots installed globally processing stone, KUKA is the global leader in stone robotics with its Superior Motion Performance, and a world leader in robotic technology. 

Less Maintenance

The H2O Jet Pump needs three times less frequent seal maintenance over competition. The price of replacement parts is 50% lower than competitive waterjet pump systems. As a result, customers have far better up-time and lower operating costs. 

BACA Systems, About Us

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