High Performance 5 Axis CNC Saw Machine

BACA Boss Saw is designed to be the foundation of your sawing operation, providing capability to perform a full complement of cuts to allow sinks, arcs, and faucet holes to be processed during the sawing operation.
BACA Boss Saw
BACA Boss Saw


The BACA CNC Saw is our 5 axis programable saw cutting system.  The saw combines traditional stone processing technology with lean industrial machine technologies allowing you to fit your cutting needs with an affordable and reliable system.  The benefits of this system include Easy-to-use programming and operator interface simply with a few clicks of the mouse. The system is built for reliability and performance, allowing the system to be a workhorse in the fabricating shop process.  In all, you will find BACA CNC Saw is our 5 axis programable saw cutting system will provide you with a stone cutting solution second to none.



  • 1 Circuit; 220V, 100A, 3 phase, 60 Hz


  • 1 Source 10 CFM at 110 PSI 
    All air supplied must be dry


  • 1 Source (1) 3/4″ Barb fitting Minimum 10 GPM @ 35 PSI

Machine Layout

BACA Boss Saw


CNC Saw System

The system is designed for precision and reliability. Each of the five (5) axes consists of heavy welded steel structures. This 5 axis CNC saw has a mono-block frame, allowing installation to be completed quickly. The rigid frame construction is designed to provide a large working area while utilizing floorspace efficiently.

Cutting Table

The cutting features a large work area measuring 78” x 138” to allow cutting of large granite slabs and quartz. The cutting table is capable of tilting upward to angle of 85 degrees, making it easy for an operator to load slabs onto the quartz and granite cutting machine. The surface of the table is covered with rubber pads to help keep material in position during the cutting process.

Drive System

The X, Y, and Z axes are driven by a ball screw assembly with a rotating nut. This design provides a fast and reliable drive system that is a zero backlash and high stiffness construction. The bridge and carriage traverse on precision ground profiled linear rails supported by sealed ball bearing blocks. This design provides high accuracy motion and rigidity during cutting.

Miter Cuts

The saw blade can be tilted from a 0-degree vertical position to a 90-degree horizontal position, allowing miter cuts to be easily performed. This is ideal for processing quartz and ultracompact slabs, as well as cutting square corner sink openings.

Core Bit Cutting

The CNC saw machine’s motor includes the ability to cut with a ½” GAS bit, allowing faucets and sink openings to be processed. A 1” diameter water line supplies cooling water to improve cutter life and faster cut speeds.

Easy to Use

The BOSS Saw system can utilize CAD drawings to perform automated cutting and can also be moved manually. This allows the operator to perform free form cuts as needed, by utilizing the laser to line up the cut on the stone, or to starts the machine and make all of its cuts automatically.

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