Granite Fabrication Water Filtration

Using recycled water for granite manufacturing reduces waste output and makes operations quicker, cleaner, and more efficient. Improvements in water filtration systems have created more opportunities for the water-dependent machinery used in granite fabrication.

The ability to recycle water is beneficial for not only the environment as a whole but also for companies reliant on filtered water for their processes. A well-made filtration system reduces costs, requires fewer materials, and lowers chemical usage.


Here at BACA Systems, we specialize in high-quality water filtration systems. No two water recyclers are the same, so we strive to help you determine which system is best for you or your business. 

Generic wastewater, also called greywater, contains solids that must be removed during the filtration process. BACA Pure removes these solids and filters the water back into its processing tank to be reused. This system is customizable, so you can make changes as needed without having to replace your entire system. BACA Pure’s cyclone filtration system offers multiple economic benefits, such as cheaper power bills, lower water statements, and fewer equipment maintenance costs.

What Is a Cyclone Filtration System?

Reusing water is essential for industries that use water-operated machinery on a daily basis, including granite fabrication. The Baca Pure cyclone filtration system sends greywater through a filter, or separator, that removes large particles as well as solids that are suspended.

Water then passes through the cyclones, which purify the water even more by filtering out smaller particles that made it through the separator through gravity sedimentation. Then centrifugal force pushes the larger particles into a chamber where they are separated from the water as it spins. The purified water then feeds into the system’s storage tank.

The particles that were gathered in the collection and separation chambers can be safely disposed of. Because the solids have been removed from the greywater, the water you are using will not be abrasive to your equipment.

BACA’s Granite Fabrication Water Filtration System

Hydro Cyclones

Filtering the water up to 10 microns, hydro cyclones spin quickly and send clean water to the storage tank and solids to the sludge hopper.

Sludge Hopper

The sludge hopper is where solids and other waste particles are gathered after passing through the separator and hydro cyclones. Removing solids from the hopper is a simple process, thanks to its removable liner. 

Settling Weir

The settling weir is a receptacle that allows the partially filtered water from the sludge hopper to settle.  The filtered-out solids and particles settle to the bottom as the water rises and is ready to be reused. The weir also has a removable liner for easy disposal of the sludge.

Conical/Clarifier Holding Tank

The conical/clarifier holding tank is where greywater resides until it’s ready to be filtered and used. At BACA Systems, we allow you to customize the size of your tank so that you never have a shortage of recyclable water.  

Hurricane Polishing System

As the final step in the BACA water filtration process, the hurricane polishing system ensures that the water the system feeds into your machines is clean, clear, and ready for use with your stones. The filtered water moves into the CNC machines and edge polishers for immediate use. 

Granite fabrication water filtration is a complicated process that requires a sturdy, efficient system to handle all of its needs. Fortunately, at BACA Systems, we have a number of state-of-the-art water filtration options, including the all-encompassing BACA Pure. No matter what kind of system you need, we help you figure out the logistics so you can tackle essential tasks while your water filtration system handles the rest.