BACA Pure is a water filtration system that will allow your shop to remove solids from grey water and return it to your process. Water filtration is essential for keeping your processes cost-effective and eco-friendly.

BACA Pure Water Treatment System – System Tour & Customer Testimonial

Cyclone Filtration System

Water from pit enters centrifugal separator where solids are filtered to 40 micron. Water is sent to Hydrocyclones and pit sweeper.

, BACA Pure

Hydro Cyclones

Filter water further to approx. 10 micron, sending solids to hopper and clean water to holding tank.

Sludge Hopper

Collects Sludge collected from Separator and Hydro Cyclones. Removable liner allows easy removal of solids.

, BACA Pure
, BACA Pure

Settling Weir

Captures overflow from sludge hopper, allowing solids to settle. Removable liner allows easy removal of solids.

Conical/Clarifier Holding Tank

Conical holding tank holds the grey water until needed by process.

, BACA Pure
, BACA Pure

Hurricane Polishing System

Removes solids to deliver crystal clear water for CNC machines and Edge Polishers.