Edge Sink Pro+


BACA Edge Sink Pro+ is a 3 axis CNC router, edger and stone polishing machine designed for flexibility and ease of programming, allowing fabricators to quickly automate the edging and routing processes in their shop. 

Edge Sink Pro+
Edge Sink Pro+


The BACA Edge Sink Pro+ is an open format, 3-axis high rail gantry stone milling machine. The system is designed as a wash-down machine that features a 59” by 126” table.


The machine is constructed of a rigid, fabricated steel base utilizing heavy gauge steel tube and plate weldment construction throughout. All structural members are stress relieved for maximum stability, and all surfaces that mount precision components are precision ground and/or machined. All linear axes are laser aligned and compensated for positional accuracy. The components are equipped with profile way covers to protect the drive and bearing components.



  • 1 Circuit; 220V, 100A, 3 phase, 60 Hz


  • One (1) 1″ barb fitting minimum 15 GPM @ 35 PSI  (Main Water Supply)
  • One (1) 1/2″ barb fitting minimum 4 GPM @35 PSI (Vaccum Pump Water Inlet)



  • 20 CFM at 100 PSI 
    All air supplied must be dry
Edge Sink Pro+


Robust Construction

BACA EDGE is constructed of a heavy welded steel mono-block frame, allowing installation to be completed quickly. The rigid frame construction is designed to provide a large working area while utilizing floorspace effectlively. All structural members are stress relieved for maximum stability, and all mounting surfaces are precision ground and/or machined.

Precision Motion

The major axes of the EDGE are driven by ball screws with rotating nuts. This provides a fast and reliable drive system that has a stiff, zero backlash construction. The bridge and carriage traverse on precision ground profiled linear rails supported by sealed ball bearing blocks to provide high accuracy motion and rigidity.

Reliable Design

The ball screws and linear rails for the Edge Sink Pro+ are positioned higher on the machine as compared to other 3 axis CNC routers. This keeps the components out of the environment so they require less cleaning and are not directly exposed to silica dust. The components are covered by way covers for additional protection.

Flexible Tooling

The Edge Sink Pro+ features twenty-four (24) tool change locations provide capacity for several tool profiles. Tool holder forks are located on both sides of the machine, allowing easy access for the operators to remove and replace tools as needed.

Easy 2 Use

The Edge Sink Pro+ 3 axis CNC router includes on board software that allows users to program at the machine with easy, parametric programming functions. Programs can also be accomplished at a CAD station with AlphaCAM and then loaded directly to the stone CNC machine.

Powerful Sindle

The Edge Sink Pro+ stone CNC router features a direct drive 15 HP spindle, capable of running at 10,000 rpm. Water for the cutting process is connected to the spindle for cooling through the cutting tool as well as around the outside of the cutting tool through a halo coolant ring.

Optional Laser Projection

The optional Laser Projection System allows an accurate projection of the complete vacuum cup and countertop layout from a standard DXF file. The patterns are projected with a green laser mounted to a free-standing mounting bracket that positions the laser overhead. The laser covers the entire CNC table envelope and includes calibration targets that are inserted into the table top.

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