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BACA Edge XL is a stone cnc router, edger and stone polishing machine which allows fabricators to quickly automate the edging and routing processes in their shop all while having easy programming and flexibility.

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Reliable routing, edging, and polishing to increase shop throughput and reduce labor costs is what makes this stone cnc router, edger and stone polishing machine stand out.

BACA Edge XL CNC Router

The BACA Edge XL is a large open format, 3-axis high rail gantry stone milling machine. The system is designed with a galvanized base and features an 8’ X 13’ table.

The machine is constructed of a rigid, fabricated steel base utilizing heavy gauge steel tube and plate weldment construction throughout. All structural members are stress relieved for maximum stability, and all surfaces that mount precision components are precision ground and/or machined. All linear axes are laser aligned and compensated for positional accuracy. The components are equipped with profile way covers to protect the drive and bearing components.

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Drive System

The X and Y axis are driven by precision ball screws, stationary screw and spinning nut design. This allows for less back lash and maintenance over time. It also allows for smother motion and faster cutting speeds.  The ball screws and bearings are elevated high above the working environment and covered the entire way allowing for longer life. 


The X-axis is the Bridge Axis, traveling from left to right of the machine. The X-axis travel is 164 inches and is rated for a rapid speed of 1,375 IPM.


The Y-axis is the Gantry Axis, traveling from the back of the machine to the front. The Bridge is driven on both sides of the machine, and has a travel of 103 inches. The Y axis travels at a rapid speed of 1,375 IPM.

The Z-axis drives the spindle up and down. It is driven by a ball screw assembly and supported with linear bearings. Profiled way covers protect these components from process related debris. The Z-axis has travel 20 inches. Dual Counterbalances are utilized to equalize the effect of gravity on the axis.

Control System

The system utilizes a PC based system, a 21″ high resolution color LCD monitor, USB and serial ports, 3D solid graphics, TCP/IP Ethernet & loaded basic functions. The HMI station is located on the right side of the machine.

Jog Pendant

The hand-held pendant provides manual positioning for the axes in the manual Jog Mode. The pendant includes a rotary handwheel pulse generator, axis selection switch, resolution selector switch, the unit features a 3.0 meter connection cable. The jog pendant can be used for digitizing functions.

Flexible Tooling

The system features a direct drive 20 HP spindle, capable of running at 6,000 rpm. The spindle can utilize BT 40 tool holders, which are positioned with a TTL encoder for tool changes. Water for the cutting process is connected to the spindle for cooling through the cutting tool as well as around the outside of the cutting tool through a halo coolant ring. The spindle includes a five (5) year limited warranty for replacement of parts.

Flexible Tooling

Tool Change 
This stone CNC router, edger and stone polishing machine’s system includes a 60 position tool change rack located at the back of the table.  The tool rack is separated from the table by a splash shield to minimize exposure to water spray.


The EDGE features a direct drive 25 HP spindle, capable of running at 10,000 rpm. Water for the cutting process is connected to the spindle for cooling through the cutting tool as well as around the outside of the cutting tool through a halo coolant ring.

Access Doors

Two (2) access doors are positioned at the front of the system. The doors prevent personnel from entering the system during the milling process. In addition, the doors assist in water containment, minimizing the amount of water on the shop floor in front of the system.


Laser Projector

A Laser Projection System allows an accurate projection of the complete vacuum cup and countertop layout from a standard DXF file.  The patterns are projected with a green laser mounted to a free-standing mounting bracket that positions the laser overhead.  The laser covers the entire CNC table envelope and includes calibration targets that are inserted into the table top.


A total of thirty two pairs of (32) vacuum circuits are standard. On the left and right gantry walls, there are manifolds each having 16 vacuum connections to hold the pods to the table. These are activated by one manual valve on each side. There are also another 16 connections to either float or vacuum the part down on each side. These are activated by two vacuum valves and two air valves. A 5 HP vacuum pump is integrated to the vacuum manifolds. Two vacuum pumps are integrated to the vacuum manifolds