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Granite CNC Machine

As a stone fabricator, you are in the business of transforming huge slabs of natural stone into the countertops of your customers’ dreams. You have the expertise, but you know that you also need specialized equipment to not only bring out the best features of the granite but to do it in a way that is precise, high-performing and cost-efficient. Technology, combined with high-quality machinery, gives you the competitive advantage you need to excel over other fabricators.

At BACA Systems, we are a leader in innovative fabrication systems for the countertop industry. We put our customers first, ensuring that we are there for you, whether it is to answer questions or provide best practices to keep you operating at peak efficiency with the lowest cost. Our highly efficient fabrication machines allow you to exceed your customers’ expectations while achieving even higher production levels due to automation.

The Robolution Pro

As a fabricator, you know the criticality of reducing waste in processes and materials. Creating precise joints and complex arcs can be challenging for even experienced fabricators. With the Robolution Pro granite cutter machine, you have the power of the fastest and most precise miter saw. It leverages both a saw blade and a waterjet to create the smoothes cuts even on the most challenging projects. The capability to nest pieces allows you to save on material and labor costs.

Our advanced cutting technology makes working with material of variable thickness or warpage seamless. The Robolution Pro granite saw machine offers a 26 HP VFD driven saw, a 60k waterjet and the largest cutting table in the industry. For the most precise mitered corners on granite, quartzite, ultra-compact slabs, porcelains and more, the Robolution Pro is the granite cutter machine you need.

The Robo SawJet

Our original robotic based sawjet, the Robo SawJet, is now in more fabrication shops in North America than any other brand. This hard-hitting granite CNC machine boasts many compelling features, including:

  • Lowest maintenance – Instead of the weekly maintenance of the typical granite saw machine, the first maintenance is a simple oil change at five years or 10,000 hours of operation.
  • More productivity – Load and unload in one station while cutting constantly.
  • Increased yields – RoboCut software decides where to cut while the waterjet completes the finished edge without having to move the pieces.
  • Faster speeds – High-pressure coils on all six axes allows the robot to move much faster from cut to cut.
  • Less cutting time – A 26 HP saw motor equipped with a 16″ saw blade and variable speed drive allow for fast, precise cuts.
  • Reduced handling – The granite CNC machine completes complex cuts without you having to move pieces to secondary stations.

BACA Boss Saw

This five axis granite CNC machine is designed to perform everything from sinks to arcs to faucet holes during the cutting process. The BACA Boss Saw reduces sawing time and increases profitability. The mono-block frame allows for rapid installation while the rigid frame construction provides a large 78.75″ x 137.80″ working space for cutting large slabs of stone in a design that uses floor space efficiently.

The Miter X

Our Miter X is a stone miter saw, edger and router that uses industry-leading technology to perform fast and accurate miter cuts easily. Reduce labor costs and increase throughput while performing routing, edging and polishing in one operation. The 15 HP saw motor is one of the most powerful miter saws on the market, making it easy to cut the even hardest materials. A moveable operation control stand allows you easy access for precision cuts while the intuitive controls can have you up and running with minimal training.

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