Fabrication Seminars

“It’s more than just learning about equipment.”
– Chuck Russo

Learn how to increase profitability, reduce mistakes, maximize sales, and strengthen your stake in the market when you attend a BACA Fabrication seminar.

We discuss subjects such as:

Past Seminars

Our past seminars were a huge success with Granite & Marble Specialties in Seattle, Premier Surfaces in Atlanta, and Hard Rock Stone Works in Detroit. All companies were generous with their time and facilities. Fabricators found the day very beneficial and gained many insights in increasing profitability and safety. 

Previous Featured Presenters

Laser Products will show how digital templating reduces measurement time and improves dimensional accuracy, resulting in less labor and a shorter time from measurement to fabrication.

American Financial Partners will discuss financing options for fabricators and how favorable tax savings can make investing in automation an economical upgrade to the productivity of a fabrication shop.

SPEEDlabel will discuss reducing labor and job reworks by automatically retrieving job data from Moraware and create labels for jobs in 30 seconds, allowing fabricators to ensure that the job has the correct edges, and ships complete to the job site the first time.

Terminator Diamond Products will demonstrate how fabricators can double tool life, reduce CNC downtime, and improve countertop edge quality by using the Zares tool management system.

Better Vacuum Cups manufactures advanced technology vacuum cups for cnc routers.  BVC’s top notch performance and easily replaceable parts are a game changer. Change your game today. 

Marqet Group will review the benefits of connecting all points of your brand, including social media, public relations, media placement, merchandising, digital and events to add to your business’s bottom-line.


, Past Seminars

Hard Rock Stone Works is one of the largest fabricators in the metro Detroit area and is known as a premier fabricator throughout the Midwest. The company originally invested in a traditional gantry style sawjet along with several CNC machines supplied by a North American based manufacturer. While they recognized the value of having a sawjet as part of the cutting process, they were consistently bottlenecked due to the downtime of the gantry machine, continuous maintenance, and issues when trying to perform miter jobs. As capacity needs increased, they decided to add a robotic solution in order to increase their capabilities. 

As a result of installing a BACA Systems Robo SawJet, they have realized faster production speeds while occupying about half of the floorspace. BACA also supplied a dedicated a Miter Saw Excel to relieve bottlenecks and to produce far better quality cuts in a fraction of the time. Based on the initial success of the first Robo SawJet, they have removed the gantry sawjet and installed a second Robo SawJet, making additional space available for more CNC machines. Today they are producing over 2,000 square feet a day in a fully digital factory, and have significantly increased their production capacity while also lowering their operating costs.


, Past Seminars

BACA Systems would like to thank our current customers who made time the time to sit on our Panel of Experts and answer questions that attendees had in regards to BACA products. We hope that you found this day to be very beneficial and that you gained insights in increasing profitability and safety.