Stone Slab Lifting Equipment

Robo Lift


The BACA Systems Robo Lift solution is the next innovation for fabricators that want to increase the productivity and throughput in their production facility. All while improving the safety of their operations.

  • Automatically load slabs
  • Automatically unload cut material
  • Consistent production rates
  • Reduce damage to material
  • Reduce risk of injury

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Automatic Loading and Unloading of Slabs and Cut Countertops

In most fabrication operations, workers control the productivity of the entire shop, and when they aren’t at the right station at the right time, equipment becomes idle, which costs your company money. Having robots and smart production planning software control productivity has been common in automotive applications for decades. Having that same technology and employing stone slab lifting equipment, or a granite slab lifter such as the robo lift in your fabrication shop can be a significant competitive advantage.


Material Routing

Robo Lift features a sophisticated software management package, allowing cut pieces, remnants, and larger scrap pieces to be quickly unloaded from the cutting station, and then routed to the next process step.

Scrap Removal

The system features tilt tables in each cutting station, allowing scrap material to be automatically removed from the table and transferred out of the work cell by conveyors.

Safer Operations

Robo Lift results in a safer work environment for operators, while reducing the potential for material damage that may occur while moving the material manually.

Stone Slab Lifting Equipment

The Robot

  • High payload KUKA robot equipped with a smart vacuum tool capable of handling several shapes and sizes of uncut and cut stone.
  • The robot can be integrated with a linear positioning track to provides a large range of motion
  • Moves the material from station to station with fast traverse times for maximum throughput.

Robo Lift is Scalable

  • Scalable, can be configured with a single station or multiple “cells”.
  • Allows for several sawjet stations or a combination of sawing and CNC machining stations to be serviced by a single Robo Lift robot.
  • Incoming staging allows slabs to be pre-loaded for several hours of production.
Stone Slab Lifting Equipment
Stone Slab Lifting Equipment

Optimized Processing Time

  • Robot is always available for immediate unloading and reloading of the work table.
  • Labor cost is also significantly decreased, allowing headcount to be reduced by several operators per shift 
  • Results in a safer work environment for operators, while reducing the potential for material damage that may occur while moving the material manually.


Automation designed to maximize machine cutting time, reduce the number of operators required to run the cutting process, and effectively move material through the process with the lowest cycle time.