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The Robo SawJet

The Leader in Robotic SawJet Technology

Robo SawJet was the ORIGINAL robotic based sawjet introduced to stone fabricators, and today BACA systems has more robots running in North American stone shops than all of our competitors combined. Our experience and commitment to innovation has resulted in over 250 successful installations for stone processing to date.
Add On Equipment

Robo SawJet can immediately improve efficiency and reduce costs in your fabrication process

Fabricators agree that adding a Robo SawJet system to the fabrication shop is the #1 way to improve profitability. 

Lowest Maintenance

The KUKA KR210 robot is designed to for its first maintenance to be a simple oil change at 5 years or 10,000 hours of operation. Compared with gantry sawjet solutions that need maintenance weekly, users realize far less downtime and cost to maintain their equipment.

More productivity

The dual table Robo SawJet allows loading and unloading in one station while the robot is cutting in the opposing station. This allows the system to be cutting constantly, allowing more countertops to be processed each hour.

Faster Speeds

Robo SawJet comes standard with high pressure coils on all six (6) axes. This allows the robot to move much faster from cut to cut. This also means that high pressure lines can be replaced much quicker than lines on gantry sawjets that are packed into cable tracks.

Less Cutting Time

The Robo SawJet system uses a 26 HP saw motor equipped with a 16" saw blade, giving you the power needed to cut at the highest speed possible. A variable frequency drive (VFD) is standard, giving you the control needed to cut any material with ease.

Increased Yield

The sawjet process eliminates the need to move saw cut pieces between cuts by finishing cuts with waterjet where the cut would damage an adjacent piece. The PC based RoboCut software included with the system automatically decides where the saw cuts and waterjet cuts are needed, programming the cuts with one mouse click.

Reduced Handling

Robo SawJet can cut faucets, arcs and sink openings, reducing the need to move pieces to secondary stations to complete these cuts. In addition, cutting these items in the sawing process reduces labor and frees up time for other activities. Cutting sinks and arcs in the sawing process can reduce time on CNC machines, reducing the bottleneck at these stations while reducing costs related to tooling wear.

1. KUKA Robot

Low maintenance KUKA robot needs a simple oils change after 10,000 hours or 5 years.

2. Saw Motor

26 HP Saccardo saw motor with 16″ blade. 

3. Easy to Use Software

2 liscenses included for both VeinMatch and RoboCut.

4. Low profile Tanks

Low profile dual tanks cutting platform.
Each table is 90″ x 144″

5. Small Footprint

Approximately 30′ x 17′. 

6. H2O Jet Pump

H2O Jet 50 HP waterjet pump with 60K PSI pressure.

Robo SawJet Features

Robo SawJet 2.0

KUKA Robot

  • Fully sealed gears and bearings with no exposure to stone dust or garnet
  • Tighter tolerance than any other sawjet robot in market – used by Boeing, Spacex, for high accuracy applications
  • Right-sized for application – no signularity or cutting limitations unlike other robots supplied for sawjet applications
  • Low maintenance – 5 years/10,000 hours before an oil change is needed.

H20 Jet Waterjet Pump

  • Most reliable and least expensive pump to operate – up to 50% less expensive to operate than other sawjets
  • H2O Jet’s high pressure components have been field-test verified to have the longest life in the industry. Designed for optimum efficiency and long life, h20 waterjet parts offer the best value in the industry 
  • Used in highly demanding 24 hour / 7 day automotive production facilities – 8 out of 10 installations are H2O Jet pumps

Saw Motor

  • 26 Horsepower spindle provides more cutting power
  • Standard 16″ saw blade
  • Focused, tamperproof nozzles provide 12 GPM of water focused on blade segments for better cooling
  • Quick removal of saw guard without tools
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) standard, allowing RPM to be set based on material requirements

Waterjet Nozzle

  • H2O Jet nozzle with high cycle components for longer life between rebuilds and lower cost to operate
  • Integrated Diamond Eductor (IDE) provides best stream quality and perfect alignment to mix tube for faster cut speeds
  • Mix tube wears evenly, unlike nozzles that use drop in orifices that can be misaligned

Advanced Features Package

The Robo SawJet advanced features package is a suite of tools designed to maximize the productivity and uptime of the system by automating several key areas of the sawjet process. These tools work together to provide process checks and automatic calibrations to minimize the requirement for the operator to intervene to make system adjustments during the production process.

Garnet Flow Sensor

  • Minimizes the potential for slab damage to occur if garnet flow is interrupted.
  • Constant monitoring of garnet flow during waterjet
  • Stops the cutting process and robot if a fault with the garnet flow is triggered.

Slab Thickness Verification

  • Verifies proper slab thickness input by operator.
  • Robot uses motor torque sensing to detect material – no sensor is needed.
  • Prevents robot collision with material if an incorrect slab thickness is entered.
  • Process is completed within 15 seconds.
Smart Touch

Smart Touch - Collision Detection

  • Cutting process stops if slab detected or if nozzle makes contact.
  • Robot uses motor torque sensing to detect material – no sensor is needed.
  • Reduces chance of nozzle breaking when contact is made with a displaced piece of stone while waterjet cutting.

Smart Calibration - Saw Wear

  • Measures the saw blade for wear after each cutting cycle.
  • Fast – measurement is complete in less than 45 seconds.
  • Ensures material is cut through completely while minimizing damage to backer material.

Production Reporting

  • Automatically calculates square footage cut.
  • Can report yield based on operator entering slab size.
  • Daily production can be emailed to provide timely data.
  • Tracking of robot run time, saw cutting time, waterjet time, etc.


VeinMatch is a great sales tool to show customers their layout in advance to close more business. You can match veins from a different part of the same slab without utilizing a second slab. VeinMatch allows you not to compromise the material flow or the final look for the customer.

Due to the varying characteristics of natural stone, there has always been a problem with cutting pieces so that the final installed job appears to “flow” naturally. Also, when two pieces come together to form a seam, the movement, direction or any other characteristics, should make it appear as though they are one solid piece. This task can be rather involved, especially when trying to gain the most yield out of material, which requires pieces to be rotated, nested or set so close to a second piece that one cut path is used for both pieces.

In the past, this has always been done by eye and would be measured and marked with masking tape, or by attaching templates to the material. This process has never been 100% accurate and has caused problems for both companies and customers. VeinMatch is the digital alternative to this process and in the end, saves the company and customer money, time and material.

Flexible Job Layout

  • Nest DXF files across multiple slabs
  • Preview, Print and Save the layout image
  • Easy alignment over actual slab photo

Easy to Use

  • Runs on Windows
  • Easy to use tool functions
  • Lowers Operator Setup Time

Quality Results

  • Realistic preview of final product
  • Maximizes Material Usage
  • Superior Seam Alignment