Water recycling and purification system

Complete your water recycling and purification system with a settling weir. This comprehensive system allows CNC stone cutting machinery and other equipment that utilizes water to perform its duties with a number of benefits. Discover how a weir helps with this process and how the BACA Pure weir compares.

Settling Weir System

An over-under weir system is designed to deliver clear recycled water to the pit. A weir is just one aspect of a complete water filtration system by BACA Systems. Explore the features of this component, as well as the features of the entire filtration system to see how you can update your process.

How It Works

This unit works by collecting water from the sludge hopper and allowing it to settle. The gray water starts out full of sludge, which quickly clogs pipes and affects the efficiency of a water process. As the sludge settles in a settling weir, water rises to the top of the solids. This water can be safely removed and returned to the pit. It’s only after settling in both the sludge hopper and weir that the water is filtered enough to be sent to the pit.

Innovative Addition to a Water Filtration System

A settling weir is used as the final settling feature of a water filtration system, but it’s far from an all-in-one product. Instead, it relies on other innovative pieces of equipment to deliver highly purified water to edge polishers and CNC machines. Here are some of the other key components in a BACA Pure system:

Water starts in the pit and enters the cyclone filtration system, where a centrifugal separator filters out particulars down to 40 microns. Next, the hydro cyclones filter the water even further, down to 10 microns, before sending only clean water to the holding tank.

All that sludge from the filters is sent to the sludge hopper. This large hopper has removable liners to capture and safely dispose of any solids and debris from the process. Overflow from this hopper is then sent to the weir, which is the final step in the process before gray water can be reintroduced to the pit.

Advantages of Using a Settling Weir

Why go through all the work of filtering and settling the water for use in your CNC machine or other industrial equipment? At BACA Systems, we understand the need for highly efficient processes. Explore the advantages of not only using a water filtration system, but using a high-quality weir in the process.

Improve Water Purity

Pure water improves the performance of your entire stone cutting or polishing process. Using purified water allows for precision cutting and a safe process. These filters are not only beneficial if you have purity issues with the water in your commercial facility, but they also allow you to recycle the same water for energy-efficient operations.

Minimize Downtime

Contaminated water can clog lines and prematurely wear out critical components. Avoid this unnecessary downtime by ensuring only pure water runs through your stone cutting equipment. A BACA Pure system with a weir also reduces downtime by allowing you to cycle through filters, rather than completely turn off the equipment to replace a filter.

Safely Dispose of Solids

As your water is filtered and your commercial equipment efficiently uses and recycles water, you’ll need to remove the solid buildup. A settling weir and sludge hopper with removable liners and bags allow for safe and easy disposal of this refuse. Get more out of your gray water by recycling it and removing suspended solid particles.

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