Speed Label

Reduce Cuts

Speed Label allows you to account for every piece as it travels through the fabrication shop. This reduces the chance for pieces to be lost, eliminating the chance of an unnecessary remake. The labels also indicate the total number of pieces for the project, so your installers will always have all of the pieces with them for each job.

Eliminate Errors

Each label can include all of the detail for the job, including the edge finish type, wall, and seam information. This reduces the chance of a worker finishing the wrong edge or completing work that is unnecessary for the job.

Robust Labeling

Speed Label can print 4” x 6” face labels and 1” x 4” edge labels, allowing all of the needed data to be on each label. The labels are waterproof, but easily removed at the installation site. Data can be populated directly from Moraware, making the information timely and accurate.

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