Stone Fabrication Equipment

Robolution Pro

The Robolution Pro is the fastest, most capable precision cutting system in the industry. Cutting miters with the saw blade and the waterjet, it can handle everything from inside corner miters to complex arcs efficiently, while nesting pieces to save material and dramatically reduce downstream labor costs. The powerful 26 HP VFD driven saw and 60k waterjet can cut quartzite, ultra-compact slabs, and porcelains with ease. The system can even handle variations in material thickness or warpage with BACA’s adaptive cutting technology, to produce perfect miter joints. With the largest cutting table in the industry, Robolution Pro can be upgraded to a second cutting table in the future, protecting your investment as your business grows.

Robo SawJet

BACA Systems introduced the original robotic-based sawjet, and today it is still the most popular in North America. The Robo SawJet allows for constant cutting because of its dual table design. While the robot is cutting on one station, the other station can be unloaded and then reloaded, waiting for the robot to complete its job on the first station and then swing back around.


This is a computer numerical control system designed to serve as a sawing operation’s foundation. It contains five axes for reliability and precision. If you are in a hurry to upgrade from a manual saw to an automated one, you will appreciate the quick installation. Because the BACA Boss is upgradable, you can benefit from your investment for many years to come.

Miter X

If you are looking for plug-and-play stone fabrication equipment that is easy to operate and requires minimal training, the Miter X may be for you. It is a miter saw, edger, and router all in one, which means that you can eliminate setup that would otherwise slow down the sawing process.

Edge XL

This CNC router also performs stone polishing and edging tasks. It is a flexible machine that allows for manual positioning. Simply place the machine in Jog Mode and then use the handheld pendant found on the HMI station on the machine’s right side.

Edge Sink Pro+

This CNC router has three axes for quick process automation. It provides zero backlash thanks to the rotating nuts on ball screws. It makes efficient use of floor space while providing a large working area.

Robo Lift

Loading and unloading slabs and cut material can pose a safety hazard and slow down your productivity. Lifting technology allows for automatic loading and unloading, reducing the risk of injury to workers or damage to the material.

Jib Crane

The steel construction of the jib crane gives it the capacity to handle one ton. Its 20-foot span can rotate manually 360 degrees. From under the beam, the height of the unit is 15 feet.

Vacuum Lifter

This useful piece of stone fabrication equipment features four 21-inch by 13-inch suction pads and a quiet but powerful vacuum generator. It provides a total lifting capacity of 2,200 pounds and zero to 90 degrees of tilting. Multiple safety measures are in place to prevent the involuntary release of materials, which could otherwise pose a threat of accidental injury.


It is important to keep your processes eco-friendly as well as cost-effective. This water filtration system allows you to do both. When gray water forms while cutting, BACA Pure sends it to the centrifugal separator from the pit. The filtration process removes solids down to 40 microns. The filtered water then returns to the process via the Hydrocyclones and pit sweeper, while the remaining solids go to the sludge hopper.

Speed Label

Lost pieces mean lost revenue, but Speed Label creates edge labels or face labels containing all the necessary data, including the seam information, finish type, and the total number of pieces the project includes. As pieces travel through the shop, these waterproof, easily removable labels allow you to account for every one.

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