BACA Systems would like to thank those who made it out to spend time with us at our booth during The International Surface Event. We hope that you found this time at the BACA booth to be very beneficial and that you gained insights in increasing profitability and safety.

We are proud to have been awarded the Best Large Booth Design award at The International Surface Event. The “Best Of” Event Awards is an annual awards program for exhibiting companies whose products, programs, services, business practices and/or booth designs are considered to be “Best Of” in their class.

The Lineup

, TISE 2019

Robo SawJet 2.0

  • See the Robo SawJet 2.0 technology 
  • Fastest sawing time
  • Lowest cost of waterjet operation
  • Vein Matching software included
  • Single Table or Dual Table options available 

Robo Saw

  • The future in 5 Axis sawing applications 
  • Faster than conventional bridge saws
  • Expandable to dual tables for added capacity
  • Low maintenance and unmatched reliability
  • Mitering, milling, routing capabilities
  • Vein Matching software included
, TISE 2019

BACA Boss 5 Axis CNC Saw

  • Easy to operate with build in programming
  • Standard tilt table for ease of loading
  • Miter and finger bit capability built in
  • Vacuum lift for improved material yield
  • Heavy duty monoblock unit (13,000 lbs)
  • Rigid ball screw design for superior performance 
  • Camera located on top for Vein Matching on the Fly

Miter Saw Excel

  • See how to produce miter jobs up to 3 times faster
  • Accurate miter cuts with simple operation
  • Superior edge quality with reduced chipping
  • Dedicated mitering solution to free up saw capacity
  • Pneumatic clamps for securing material in place
  • Small parts as thin as 1 1/2″ – no maximum size
  • Variable frequency drive for different material specifications  
, TISE 2019
, TISE 2019


  • Demonstrations of BACA’s full featured CNC edging solution
  • Easy to use, built in programming included
  • Reliable and economic fabrication solution 
  • Rigid ball screw drive for superior performance
  • Laser pod/part positioning available 

Laser Products 2D/3D Templating System

  • Measure jobs in 1/2 the time
  • Accurate measurements without errors
  • Produce job sheets and customer sign-offs
  • Save on consumables – send jobs direct to shop
  • Accuretley measure backwals for tight fit
  • Simple to learn software
, TISE 2019
, TISE 2019

BACA Pure Water Filtration Solutions

  • Cyclone filtration to supply grey water to entire shop
  • Sludge uses removable bag for easy disposal 
  • Pit “lobster pot” collects large debris, reducing the chance of clogging
  • Produces clear water for machine requirements
  • Produces grey water for simple water needs

Speed Label

  • Organizes the parts of each job within your shop- become paperless
  • Full color, waterproof labels removable at installation
  • Integrates with Moraware for job coordination
  • Images and job data allow each label for effective tracking in plant 
  • Improves quality control for less mistakes
  • Eliminates showing up to installations with a missing part
, TISE 2019

Zares Tool Management

  • Learn how to double tool life 
  • Measures tools in 10 seconds
  • Improve finished edge quality
  • Reduce machine set-up time
  • Dressing station for quick tool touch ups
  • Easy to Use software
  • Significantly reduce load/unload labor
  • Reduce idle time at the cutting station
  • Improve shop safety by automating material handling
  • Optimize throughput with smart production planning software
  • Minimize risk of breaking parts by mishandling
, TISE 2019
If you were unable to make it to TISE 2019, we offer a Fly to Detroit program where you can spend the day with BACA at our facility just north of Detroit at no expense to you. We will review many aspects about the business of countertop fabrication, including ways that companies can boost productivity, increase profits, reduce costs, and improve shop safety. We will also demonstrate the latest technology and equipment that BACA has to offer, including the Robo SawJet 2.0 system, our new 5 axis CNC BACA BOSS, BACA Edge CNC router, and Robo Saw. We have solutions that are beneficial to every size fabricator.

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