4-Pad Vacuum Lifter


  • Lifting Capacity – 2,200lbs
  • 4 suction pads – 21” x 13”
  • Pneumatic Tilting 0-90°
granite vacuum lifter


  • Gauge with graduated and colored scale to monitor degree of vacuum
  • Powerful and quiet vacuum generator with reduced air consumption using 3/8 inch air lines
  • Gaskets made of rubberized fabric suitable for smooth, flamed, and bush-hammered surfaces


  • Sliding valve to control gripping and releasing of the material with safety block against involuntary maneuvers
  • Aluminum safety tank for vacuum reserve and condensation discharge valve, to guarantee gripping even when there is loss of power and wet surfaces


  • Audio and visual alarm system which automatically signals a low vacuum degree
  • Alarm system works autonomously by means of rechargeable batteries and it is supplied with the appropriate battery charger at 100 volt
  • Maneuvering handle with pushbutton control unit holder