4-Pad Vacuum Lifter


  • Lifting Capacity – 2,200lbs
  • 4 suction pads – 21” x 13”
  • Pneumatic Tilting 0-90°
, Vacuum Lifter


  • Gauge with graduated and colored scale to monitor degree of vacuum
  • Powerful and quiet vacuum generator with reduced air consumption using 3/8 inch air lines
  • Gaskets made of rubberized fabric suitable for smooth, flamed, and bush-hammered surfaces


  • Sliding valve to control gripping and releasing of the material with safety block against involuntary maneuvers
  • Aluminum safety tank for vacuum reserve and condensation discharge valve, to guarantee gripping even when there is loss of power and wet surfaces
, Vacuum Lifter
, Vacuum Lifter


  • Audio and visual alarm system which automatically signals a low vacuum degree
  • Alarm system works autonomously by means of rechargeable batteries and it is supplied with the appropriate battery charger at 100 volt
  • Maneuvering handle with pushbutton control unit holder

How Vacuum Lifters Work

While all vacuum lifters operate differently depending on design and model, most function using the same general sequence:

  • The machine follows the following process to lift a load.
  • The vacuum lifter is hoisted from a crane or other hook mechanism.
  • The lifting mechanism is lowered toward the load until its chain is loose.
  • The lifting mechanism is propelled by the hoist, creating a vacuum motion.
  • The vacuum motion picks up the load.
  • The lifting mechanism and load are then lowered until the chain is loose, releasing the vacuum.
  • The lifting mechanism is raised independently.
  • When the chain is again slack, the lifter is ready to pick up its next load.

Vacuum Lifter Specifications

Vacuum lifters have a lifting capacity of up to 2,200 pounds. The unit is equipped with four suction pads that measure approximately 21 inches by 13 inches. Lifters have a pneumatic tilting rotation of up to 90 degrees.

Vacuum cleaners come with a gauge, allowing the operator to monitor the degree of the vacuum. Unit gaskets are constructed from a smooth rubber fabric appropriate for a variety of surfaces. Further, each cleaner is equipped with a powerful, quiet generator that ensures overall reduced air consumption.

Vacuum Lifter Features and Benefits

Most vacuum lifters are equipped with extra safety features that make them safe and easy to operate. First, the slide valve allows operators to control and grip materials without involuntary motions. This is particularly important in the stone fabrication industry as the use of vacuum lifters helps operators seamlessly lift stone slabs for countertop cutting.

Second, vacuum lifters are equipped with aluminum safety tanks to ensure strong grips during power strikes or when operating on wet surfaces. Third, vacuum lifter alarm systems automatically send a signal when the vacuum is positioned at a low degree. Each alarm system battery is supplied with rechargeable 100-volt batteries. Lastly, vacuum lifters are controlled by a maneuver regulator, making movements smooth and easy to propel.
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